Items from WHO May 14, 2018: 'Avengers' review, Robert Cray, Ali Oetjen

I got to do a quick review of Avengers: Infinity War this week, which came before editing WHO's pick-up of EW's amazing Marvel Cinematic Universe package for next week's issue. Also, spoke to blues legend Robert Cray and got to set up the upcoming fourth season of The Bachelorette and tease the next episode of MKR. Rarely do I get a chance to do a pop-culture list, but when asked to do an Avengers-themed post, I enjoyed writing about The 10 Most Badass Women of the MCU.


Items from WHO April 23 and 30, 2018: Kym Johnson, Hana Mae Lee and more

It's been years since I covered Dancing with the Stars in the US, but Australian pro Kym Johnson, now Kym Johnson Herjavec, is still a great interview. We congratulate her on her babies-to-come (and sure enough, twins Hudson Robert and Haven Mae arrived healthy and well), and speak about My Kitchen Rules controversies, in the April 23 issue. I've combined two smaller items—the chats with Ryan Serhant in this issue and Hana Mae Lee in the next, into one image. 


Items from WHO in March 2018: Audra McDonald, Joel Creasey, Nat Bass and Colin Fassnidge

I spent most of March on MKR and other features rather than shorter interviews. Even so, I got to speak to one of my favourite singers and actresses, Audra McDonald, for her coming aboard The Good Fight. I also spoke with Natalie Bassingthwaighte about her return to Neighbours, Joel Creasey about hosting Sydney Mardi Gras coverage for SBS, and MKR judge Colin Fassnidge.


Items in WHO January 2018: MKR 9, TV Preview and Richard Armitage

Each year, I get to know the contestants of Seven's My Kitchen Rules very well. It all begins with this contestant preview and the small tease in the TV Preview (which also includes a quote from my interview with Chai Hansen for The New Legends of Monkey). Aside from that, here is also an interview with Richard Armitage (whose voice I could hear all day) for Berlin Station, and a pun-filled box on Game of Thrones stamps. 


Hot Topics for Who, May 15, 2017: MKR winners crowned

In the battle of Brisbane teams, siblings Amy and Tyson Murr edged out mother-daughter combo Valerie and Courtney to win the 8th season of My Kitchen Rules. For a full recap of the finale, click here

My Kitchen Rules 2017: Drama with Josh and Amy, Feb. 27, 2017

Since his first moment on screen, Josh Meeuwissen commanded attention on My Kitchen Rules, either by boasting of his and wife Amy's seafood-cooking skills or offering harsh critiques on other's food. But mid-way through the show, it seemed Josh had gotten carried away with being on camera and his taunts became more outlandish while his wife's reactions became more serious. After doing some initial interviews to promote the series, Josh and Amy declined to speak to the media after their second episode aired, except for two separate times they appeared on a radio program to say their piece. While I wish I had gotten a chance to interview the Perth couple, I hear they are actually fine in 'real life' and over the negative attention cast by their television personas. Safe to say any articles I worked on involving them were the ones I least enjoyed writing. I've compiled the clips below from their run on the show. Here, too, are some online links:  When Alyse and Matt may have crossed the line with Josh and Amy; Della and Tully on their feud with Josh; when Josh made his controversial comment to Amy Murr, and the Josh and Amy elimination online story

My Kitchen Rules Season 7 Winners Tasia and Gracia, April 27, 2016

I had the good fortune of speaking to "The Spice Girls," Tasia and Gracia Seger, for a small feature prior to their win on My Kitchen Rules. To read more from my initial chat with them, click here, and to read my 'winner' interview with them, click here. If you are not familiar with the show, get familiar with these remarkable sisters below.