Journalist. Educator. Pop culture junkie.

I watch TV, listen to music and go to sporting events and concerts. Curious, I dig deeper, research, interview people, and make connections. I write about entertaining personalities and then share my experiences with students. I've interviewed Wiggles and wrestlers, Survivors and swimmers, and famous actors and infamous socialites. I've covered red carpets, Olympic Games and reality weddings. I travel yet have more to explore; I teach yet have more to learn. I love what I do.

Writing and reporting

It all started with a Mork & Mindy activity book that asked kids to write a story about Mork. In my account, I was a New York Times reporter tracking down an alien egg that landed on Earth. Since then, I've been reporting, writing and editing, with 18 years logged full-time at People. After a bit of freelancing, I am a full-time writer for People's sister publication in Australia, Who Magazine. Telling stories has been a career and a passion. My Clips


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I attended what is now known as the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute in 1988 and earned my cherub wings. I returned to the program in 1994 as a magazine-week lecturer and served as a full five-week instructor from 2012 to 2016. I am now back to my usual fourth-week lectures and workshops. I have also lectured at J Camp, a program of the Asian American Journalists Association, and spoken to other college classes. My Programs

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Do I know too many '80s songs by heart, rendering a karaoke machine useless? Have I watched more TV than is healthy for a person? Did the movers who shipped my boxes to Australia make many comments about the number of books I have? Are those talking koalas and chipmunks? Yes, yes, yes and YES. My Obsessions