Here's a look at what I am watching, using, absorbing, raving about and fawning over. Hover over TV and artist images for details and click on them to link to websites and more. Scroll through movies, music and product images to read about them and click on them for links and video.  Enjoy!

TV Shows

I used to justify my copious TV viewing by saying, "it's my job." Well, it is my job. I also have a love of all things TV. So here are just a few of the things I've been watching. And I mean just a few. There is too much for me to put together a comprehensive list. How sad is that? Don't answer. Hover over the images for descriptions and click on them to go to websites for the shows.

Contemporary Artists

I just joined Pinterest, as if I needed another thing to occupy my time. I hope to add images of artists I admire to go along with this part of the Stuff I Like page. To see that board, click on Wouldn't It Be Lovely. Thanks! Otherwise, here is a gallery of some artists I admire. I've done my best to use images from works I own but otherwise if you click through the images, you can go to the artists' websites and check them out. Read more about them and their work by hovering over the images.


Of all the products here, if the Uglydoll image was particularly compelling for you, I've started a Pinterest board called It's the Beady Eyes! It's filled with the stuff. Please follow if you are interested! Otherwise, hover over images to read about them and click on them for direct links.

These videos

Movies & Music

When I watch movies these days, I usually enjoy them at home a year or few removed from their release dates. I love all the shiny ones, as my friend Jeannie calls them. You know the ones — The Avengers: Infinity War, Incredibles 2, etc. But here are trailers for a few more off-the-beaten-path films, as well as some videos for musical artists I've discovered recently.