Samuel Johnson: ‘I Want to Make Her Proud’

February 23-March 1, 2019 issue of TV WEEK

Wonderful to catch up with Samuel on the eve of his dancing debut on Dancing With the Stars Australia. Good luck!


Destiny Calls: Geraldine Hakewill

February 23-March 1, 2019 issue of TV WEEK

Here is the updated profile of Geraldine Hakewill! I had done a piece with her for TV WEEK Close Up toward the end of her run on Wanted. As a bonus, two weeks’ worth of plot teasers for the series!


Glamorous Private Eye: Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

February 16-22, 2019 issue of TV WEEK

Another day, another set visit, this time to Melbourne for a new take on the popular Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries series. Any chance to see Geraldine Hakewill is well worth taking, and I got a chance to speak to her and several other actors on the trip. You will see more of their stories in the weeks to come.


New Show on the Block: The Heights, and Dan Paris

February 16-22, 2019 issue of TV WEEK

In September 2018, I made my first trip across Australia to Perth for a set visit to The Heights, a new multicultural serial drama from the ABC. The time spent on set was worth it as I got a chance to interview several of the cast and witness a truly spectacular show come to life. Thank you to the ABC for hosting me. In this first set of features for the drama, I give a plot teaser to the first two episodes and revisit Neighbours with star Dan Paris.


Devil May Care: Charlie Cox

February 2019 issue of TV WEEK Close Up

Senior writer Tamara Cullen did the fabulous chat with Charlie Cox — I spoke with Elden Henson and wrote the copy. This was the one profile in the otherwise meaty and fun Streaming Guide edition of TV WEEK Close Up.


’I Was Willing to Risk It’: Margot Robbie

January 26-February 1, 2019 issue of TV WEEK

For the majority of my 18-year career at PEOPLE, I reported a story and someone else wrote it up. In the last few years, there have been times I’ve been the main author and it’s a strange sensation. Such was the case with this piece.


Coming Out Party: The Family Law

January 26-February 1, 2019 issue of TV WEEK

Three seasons of groundbreaking TV come to an end for The Family Law. Bravo, SBS, bravo.


Boyle’s Roar: Joe Lo Truglio

January 26-February 1, 2019 issue of TV WEEK

As a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan, I spoke to Joe Lo Truglio with relish. The fact that he was so amiable and candid was a bonus.


‘I Finally Feel Like I Belong’: Sam Frost

January 19-25, 2019 issue of TV WEEK

Following the arc of Sam Frost’s career from The Bachelorette to Home and Away has been a pleasure, and one that’s crossed over from WHO to TV WEEK. Here is a catch-up with Sam, now better known as Jasmine Delaney on the iconic soap.


A Golden Career: Lisa McCune

January 2019 issue of TV WEEK Close Up

After making the weekly magazine’s cover with my How To Stay Married chat with Lisa McCune, I put together this special piece for the monthly edition.


Rising Stars 2019

January 5-11, 2019 issue of TV WEEK

Another fun package to coordinate, similar to WHO’s Ones to Watch! Love leading the charge for diversity. Thanks to Zara Zubeidi for writing this feature and all the staff who contributed reporting.


A Career in Bloom: Phoebe Tonkin

December 22-January 4, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

Phoebe Tonkin gave such a great chat with me during my set visit in Clunes that I was able to include her in the show feature, the Next Generation of Women in Television package, and in this profile.


Australian Gothic: Bloom

December 15-21, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

On my first trip out of New South Wales, I went on a set visit to Bloom, the supernatural Stan series, in rural Clunes, Victoria. Here is the report that resulted from that.


Belle of the Ball: Danielle Macdonald

December 8-14, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

I first met Danielle Macdonald on the eve of the Australian premiere for her indie film Patti Cake$, which received a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. Her star was on the rise, and by the end of 2018, she had several projects ready for release, from the Netflix horror hit Bird Box with Sandra Bullock to the film adaptation of Dumplin’, co-starring and executive produced by Jennifer Aniston. A toast to the very talented Danielle!


In Conversation with Dichen Lachman

December 2018 issue of TV WEEK Close Up

Altered Carbon star Dichen Lachman returned to Australia from Los Angeles for Oz Comic-Con. She took time out to speak to me on diversity matters rarely discussed in Australian entertainment media. Very proud of her, and thrilled to have this interview featured in TV WEEK Close Up.


Joyride to the Top: Geraldine Hakewill

December 2018 issue of TV WEEK Close Up

Expect to hear more from Geraldine Hakewill, a theatre actress who found TV fame as fugitive Chelsea Babbage on Rebecca Gibney’s female-forward thriller Wanted. Photo by Johnny Diaz Nicolaidis.


The Tough Ones: Adam Hills

December 2018 issue of TV WEEK Close Up

Comedian and host Adam Hills, currently thriving with talk show The Last Leg in London, returned to Australia to drum up support for the Physical Disability Rugby League and record a special reunion Spicks & Specks show.


The Next Generation of Women on Television

November 24-30, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

I am very proud of compiling, reporting, writing, assigning and editing this special package celebrating the diversity of women changing Australian television. This may be an annual feature — I welcome that. I’m thankful to the people who spoke to us for this story and the women who co-wrote this with me.


Keeping it Real: Peter Helliar

November 10-16, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

First, there was the Lisa McCune profile. Now, her husband on How to Stay Married, Peter Helliar! He also created the series. Jessica Multari wrote this from my interview.


Mind the Gap: Jacqueline McKenzie

November 10-16, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

This week, we get to run my chat with Jacqueline McKenzie for Pine Gap, but I was on holiday when the story had to be written! Our fabulous freelancer Thomas Mitchell put this together, and we combined to do the Plot Teaser for the end of the series.


Trying Something New: Lisa McCune

November 3-9, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

Lisa McCune became an Australian TV legend when she starred as a cop on Blue Heelers. Now she returns to TV in a comedy, How to Stay Married. I met Lisa on a photo shoot in Melbourne, where she brought along her daughter to check things out. The interview resulted in several features and an appreciation of a career well earned. Photos by the great Tina Smigielski; hair by Wayne chick, makeup from Shelby Rose, and styled by Marissa Peden.


Secrets of Pine Gap

October 13-19, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

This was an introduction to a series co-produced by the ABC and Netflix. I got the chance to speak with Parker Sawyers, Tess Haubrich and Jacqueline McKenzie.


The Past was Consuming Me’: Jimmy Barnes

September 29-October 5, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

I’ve come to know Australian music icon Jimmy Barnes through reading his two fantastic memoirs, Working Class Boy and Working Class Man, and two very revealing interviews. He’s honest, raw, and always gracious. This piece prefaced the airing of the Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy documentary on Channel Seven.


On Demand: Top 7 Shows to Watch, The Edit

November 2018 issue of TV WEEK Close Up

For the third issue of TV WEEK Close Up, I got to select and write about a diverse group of shows. While that was a large piece, I also enjoyed putting together the bitsy elements in The Edit, our issue appetizer.


It’s Hard to Let Go’: Richard Roxburgh

September 15-21, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

I enjoyed speaking with Richard Roxburgh for his first children’s novel, Artie & the Grime Wave, at WHO, but getting a chance to reflect with him on the wickedly funny series Rake was even better!


Hard Quiz Returns: Tom Gleeson

September 15-21, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

It’s great when you get to talk to someone who hosts a show you enjoy. I wish American audiences could see Hard Quiz and sample the blistering wit of Tom Gleeson.


Coming Up Roses: Daniel Levy

September 8-14, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

Although Schitt’s Creek has been airing on Netflix in Australia, the series just started its syndicated run on national broadcaster the ABC. I was determined to get an interview with co-creator and star Daniel Levy and my US colleagues at POP TV were so helpful. Loved speaking with Dan!


The Tough Ones with Russell Coight

October 2018 issue of TV WEEK Close Up

A rare in-character Q&A for me with a non-animated person! Outback adventurer Russell Coight is the alter ego of comedian and actor Glenn Robbins.


Grant Denyer: Good as Gold

October 2018 issue of TV WEEK Close Up

This was a banner year in speaking with Grant Denyer, whom I covered in two pieces for WHO. Now it was a chance to get to know him even better. Thank you to editor Thomas Woodgate in allowing me to write more than 1200 words, a freeing experience. Photographs by Lawrence Furzey.


Streaming Guide: Disenchantment

August 25-September 1, 2018 issue of TV WEEK

It’s scary and exciting to start a new job, one where you are entrusted to use your judgment to select what readers need, or want, to know. Here are my first spreads in the On Demand section for TV WEEK. Credit to the design team for making things looks vibrant and fun, and Jenny Cooney Carrillo for her great interview with Matt Groening.