They say those who can't, teach. Well, I can and I do. So there.

I attended what is now known as the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute in 1988 and earned my cherub wings. I returned to the program in 1994 as a magazine-week lecturer and served as a full five-week instructor from 2012 to 2016. I am now back to my usual fourth-week lectures and workshops. I have also lectured at J Camp, a program of the Asian American Journalists Association, and spoken to other college classes.

Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute

Photo Credit: Maddie Buckley

When I was a cherub in 1988, I attended one workshop on magazines. That was all. That was not enough. So in 1994, I came back to the program to teach a week of magazine writing and reporting with a curriculum that grew out of on-the-job, real world experience.

Since then, I've added lessons on magazine publishing, online reporting, writing reviews, writing about fashion, working a press conference and covering sports. Whether I am leading the classroom solo or sharing the floor with my colleagues, I hope what I offer students will serve them well even as platforms change and journalism evolves. 

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Students who have had their trend stories published include:


I joined the Asian American Journalists Association as a student after winning a Washington D.C. chapter scholarship. I attended my first national conference in 1992 and then went on to serve three terms as a New York chapter treasurer and two terms as the national treasurer. Although I graduated from the Executive Leadership Program and got a grounding in management from that experience, the continuing highlight of my membership is serving as a speaker at J Camp, the multicultural high school program.

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